The Community Crisis Center is here to help

Keeping families at home this holiday season

This past year the Crisis Center provided $195,367 in financial housing support to 53 families to prevent homelessness. Funding was provided by the Department of Human Services under their Homeless Prevention Program for those individuals or families facing homelessness and who met the program’s qualifications. The program provides short term financial support for individuals or families to either secure housing or maintain one’s current housing and pays for up to six months of housing support. Of the 53 families that the Crisis Center assisted last year, we are happy to report that of the 43 families that we followed up with recently, all but 2 families were either still in their same housing location or had secured new housing.

CCC is partnering with DHS again this year on this program and is working hard this winter season to continue our work in this vitally important area. If you know of a family that is in need and facing homelessness here in our community, please have them call the CCC hotline at #847-697-2380 to see if there is program availability.

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